What can Team Moxie do for you?

Moxie Event Lighting provides a wide range of lighting and production services in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. From the conceptual stage of a lighting design to when the last truck door closes, Team Moxie can assist. Each member of the Moxie Team is meticulous, knowledgeable, and creative – in both design and logisitical solutions. Team Moxie is excited to see what they can do for you.


Lighting Design

Moxie provides lighting design for all events, from small parties and company meetings to trade shows, conventions, and beyond. Whether you're looking for subtle or bold, our experienced team can meet any of your event needs.


Moxie provides pre-production paperwork services, including Vectorworks and Lightwright. Moxie is able to deliver light plot circuiting, power calculations, and DMX patch to ensure your time on site goes smoothly.

Production Labor

Moxie offers a variety of production labor services. From shop prep to crew coordination and on-site supervision, Team Moxie provides knowledgeable production support to fit your needs.

Production Coordination

Moxie can help keep your project in shape and on time. Our team can assist with project budgeting, research, and documentation. We have experience coordinating labor, scheduling, and purchasing - just to start.

Equipment Rental

Team Moxie can work with your designer and our local rental houses to coordinate an equipment rental package that fits your show needs. Our team of experts can assist with fixture substitution, trucking logistics, and marshaling.

Custom Gobos

Gobos are amazing little pieces of steel or glass that create patterns in light. Moxie Event Lighting offers a variety of stock gobo options for any event and can create custom gobos for your wedding, party, or branded corporate event.

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